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Bromley buries its rubbish!

An internal audit into Bromley Council’s rubbish and recycling collections contract revealed 15 major failings – yet no investigation into this until May 2018….

Labour councillors had demanded an immediate investigation into Bromley Council’s street cleaning
contract; Bromley Council refuses to do this until after next May’s elections.
An internal audit into the Veolia waste services (rubbish / recycling collections) contract in October
2016 revealed 15 major failings; to date the Council refuses to make this report available to the public.
One of the key failings identified was that Bromley does not have a copy of the contract, currently costing
£18.3 million per year.
The contractors responsible for street cleaning (Kier) have not reported to the Environment Committee
since March 2015 whereas other major contractors such as Liberata report every six months.
Speaking for the Labour Group, Cllr Angela Wilkins said:

“An internal audit last year revealed extremely poor management and monitoring of the waste services contract.

Whilst I appreciate that the council has recently decided to spend a further £550k of our money to improve management and monitoring of this contract, the thing we get more complaints about than anything else is actually dirty streets. The road where I live should be done twice a week – we are lucky if it gets done once a month. It’s simply filthy most of the time.

It seems logical to me that if the contract for emptying our bins isn’t being properly managed and monitored, then the same probably applies to street cleaning. The only way to find out is to have an internal audit investigation and I am most unhappy that the council is putting this off.

It’s one of the most expensive contracts we have and something council tax payers are paying for. I asked Cllr Colin Smith some weeks ago if he would agree to this investigation and he flatly refused. I can only assume he doesn’t want yet more bad news before the elections next year.”

1. Cllr Wilkins was notified by email from the Chief Executive on 16 October that the audit into
street cleaning would be delayed until the next municipal year.
2. The internal audit into waste services was conducted in October 2016 and has been
reported to both Audit Sub Committee and the Contracts Sub Committee.
3. Cllr Wilkins asked an oral question to Cllr Smith (before he was Leader) at full council on 26th
June 2017. The full question and reply can be found online in appendix B of the minutes of
that meeting.

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