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Labour Increase Votes in General Election 2017

Labour candidate Nigel de Gruchy improves Labour’s standing in Orpington gaining 24% of the vote and becoming the clear second party.

Last Thursday Labour secured 12,301 votes, over 24% of the total cast
in the Orpington Constituency.
This was the highest number of votes for Labour since 1951.
Labour came a good second, well ahead of the Lib Dems, UKIP and the
Greens. UKIP and the Greens lost their deposits.

The Labour Candidate, Nigel de Gruchy, said:

“The Orpington Labour Party made a giant step forward in becoming the
only serious challenger to the Tories in the constituency.

Our progress in recent years has been consistent. In 2010 we
secured 4,400 votes, 9% of the total. In 2015 we gained 7,645 votes,
16% of the total.

I thank all those 12,301 citizens for placing their faith in Labour.

My special thanks go to my Election Agent, Sue Polydorou, and to all the Officers and some 40 other members who helped in the campaign. Many also helped out in neighbouring Eltham where Clive Efford extended his majority over the Tories to 6296.”

The full result in Orpington:
Jo Johnson (C)           31,762                 62.94%
Nigel de Gruchy (L)   12,301                 24.38%
Alex Feakes (LD)         3,315                   6.57%
Brian Philp (UKIP)       2,023                   4.01%
Tamara Galloway        1,060                    2.10%

1.63% swing C to L

Electorate 67,906;  Turnout 50,461         74.31%

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