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Vote Labour this Thursday

Orpington has a real opportunity to change this fake austerity created by the anti-public service, miserly, tight fisted Government…..

Despite publicly saying she would not call a general election many times since her leadership election – Theresa May  and her small coterie of advisors called one – much to the surprise of her cabinet colleagues and her party.

Strong and stable leadership to get her through the Brexit negotiations was the excuse – despite having a working majority of 12. It wasn’t the opposition she was worried about kiboshing her negotiations, but those hardliner Tory Brexiters that she couldn’t trust.

During this election campaign we have seen how “strong and stable” she is.

So the way is pretty clear

If you want a leader who

Vote as you normally do in Orpington and don’t moan about paying extra on your council tax for social care and when your libraries shut or you Nan can’t get funding for her care package to leave her hospital bed..


Vote for a Party that

Vote for Nigel de Gruchy in Orpington on Thursday 8th June

For the MANY not the few!!!



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