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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Especially if you are at infant school….Muesli is cheaper… or would that be gruel for breakfast…..??

For someone who has rid the Tories of Thatcherism, Maybot has out-Thatchered Thatcher.

Milk Snatcher Thatcher is tame compared to Theresa the Lunch Cutter…

Free School Meals for Every Infant School Child was a Nick Clegg coalition initiative (“No Nick, the students have to pay nine grand tuition fees, but I’ll get Jamie to knock us up some politically correct healthy food for the little un’s at infant schools – that OK?” ).

And Jamie was pleased…. He’s not now… in his blogpost Jamie Oliver wrote

 “Obesity hasn’t just happened overnight. We’ve all heard the staggering facts that one in four British adults are obese and one in three UK kids leave primary school overweight or obese. Yet we’re continuing to walk into this crisis with our eyes now widely open, despite the impact it’s having on our health, our public services and economy.”


He also is quoted by the Independent as saying:

“We’ve already seen the Childhood Obesity Strategy ripped to shreds, now Theresa May and her government have decided to remove free school lunches from millions of primary children

This is a disgrace. It’s a fact that children perform better after eating a decent lunch.

This move shows a complete lack of understanding of all the data that’s been shared and puts our future generations at huge risk, as well as further undermining our teachers who benefit from well-fed kids.”


Jeremy Corbyn has committed to fully funding free school meals for all infant school pupils, by charging VAT on private school fees – see page 5.  An excellent use of money that strangely evades tax through questionable charitable trust status.

Something to think on this parents, when you vote on the 8th June….

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