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Energy price capping no longer a Marxist value….

Now Theresa May has decided those unscrupulous energy companies are ripping us off – state intervention by capping prices is no longer a Marxist trait…

Remember these comments in the Daily Mail in October 2013 made about Ed Miliband and his father Ralph

 “his son’s own Marxist values can be seen all too clearly in his plans for state seizures of private land held by builders and for fixing energy prices by government diktat.”

Now Theresa May wants to fix energy prices – these Marxists turn up in the strangest of places….

Funnily enough the Daily Mail now write

Ministers are poised to unveil a cap on energy prices after Theresa May yesterday promised a crackdown on rip-off gas and electricity bills.

They said

She declared that the Government was ‘ready to step in… so that consumers get a fair deal’.

So government intervention capping energy prices isn’t a Marxist plot after all…..Funny that…..

Possibly a Church of England plot then… as her dad was an Anglican vicar – although probably not true as the Mail haven’t commented on that bit…

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