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Government Curbing Energy Prices

In 2013 Ed Miliband suggested that a Labour government would cap energy prices. The Daily Mail dubbed it as a socialist / Marxist failed intervention. Apparently it isn’t when the Tories suggest it…

Spot the difference…….

Daily Mail Headlines Wednesday 25th September 2013


Fixing energy prices. Grabbing land from property firms. Boosting minimum wage… Red Ed revives 70s socialism

BRITAIN could be plunged into darkness by Labour’s 1970s-style plan to freeze power bills, it was claimed last night. Energy firms said capping prices would halt the investment needed to avoid blackouts and gas and electricity rationing.

In the most Left-wing speech by a party chief in decades, Ed Miliband said he would fix power bills until 2017 if he won the next election. The Labour leader’s pledge, which is calculated to appeal to struggling families, was welcomed by consumer groups.

But it prompted an extraordinary threat from one energy giant to quit the UK. Centrica said it would ‘not be economically viable to continue’ if it had to freeze prices when its costs were rising. The firm’s chairman Sir Roger Carr called the policy ‘a recipe for economic ruin’.

But while he correctly identified the problems – soaring energy bills, squeezed real incomes, ruinous business rates, a housing crisis, too much immigration – his solutions show he understands nothing about how the real world works.

Indeed, though his father was a Marxist academic, this was the speech of a Labour leader wilfully ignoring every lesson of history – and apparently determined to repeat the disasters of the past.

Take gas and electricity bills. Yes, he’s right that we need a regulator with real teeth to curb profiteering.

But a state-imposed price freeze until January 2017? No one can buck the markets – not even Ed Miliband. And not since the failed prices and incomes policies of the 1960s and 70s has any government been idiotic enough to try.

Daily Mail Monday 23rd April 2017

May pledges £100 energy bill cut for 2 in 3 families –

THERESA May will slash the energy bills of millions of families by about £100 in a drive to win over Labour voters, it was announced yesterday.

The Tory manifesto will include a pledge to cap gas and electricity prices for the two-thirds of households on standard tariffs.

Ministers are taking action after accusing electricity and gas companies of ‘milking’ loyal customers. Five of the Big Six firms have increased standard variable tariffs in recent months.

Under Tory plans to be unveiled in the manifesto next month, energy regulator Ofgem will set maximum prices that energy firms can charge customers.

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green yesterday confirmed the cap will be at the centre of the party’s offer to voters. ‘Theresa May has a particular personal vision about helping people and addressing problems,’ he told ITV’s Peston on Sunday.


So according to the Mail – government capping of energy bills is a an old socialist / Marxist idea which has failed and any government trying to do it is idiotic….. except if you are a Tory government…..

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