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Biggin Hill Airport Online Flight Information Now Available

The online noise level website for local flights to and from Biggin Hill Airport is now available

For those of you concerned around the increased noise due to extended hours at Biggin Hill Airport, or for those of you who like aircraft spotting…. the promised online WebTrak software is available to use by anyone. Go to the Biggin Hill Airport website and click on the Noise Complaint tab and follow the instructions.

The flight information is about 45 minutes behind due to security but you can run the flights for anytime and the data appears to go back until Saturday April 1st 2017. General noise levels are registered at Milking Lane Farm on the approach to the airport and Norheads Lane on the take off end of the Airport and measured in decibels at anytime – indicating whether or not levels are acceptable or exceeded by figures and traffic light indications on the markers. If you want to see how high above your house the plane actually flies pass, stick your house down on the map and click on the house icon when you click on the plane information. Hours of endless fun!

For those of us attending full Council Meetings, I envisage many sessions in the coming years where public questions will involve individual flights being questioned and queried….


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