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250,000 demonstrators took to the streets of London on Saturday 4th to fight for the NHS, Orpington CLP members were there!

Photograph by courtesy of Paul Henderson

Vibeke and Sue carried the flag for Orpington CLP at the NHS National Demonstration Day on Saturday 4th March.

As usual the national press pretty much ignored it, still giving Jeremy Hunt an easy ride while the NHS falls apart while he’s in charge.

By courtesy of Paul Henderson

Social Care continues to be paid lip service by the Tory Government, starving it of money and handing what little it has so that some local authorities like Bromley can use it to ease the cuts they say they would have to make in Social Services, thus Adult Social Care resources like care homes not seeing a penny of ratepayers £2.6m donation last year.

By courtesy of Paul Henderson

The NHS and Social Care Services are being bled to death by lack of funding and people are on the streets demonstrating for major improvement and funding. We wonder what sort of coverage the new editor of the  Evening Standard will devote to such passion and devotion. Very little we think….


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