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Adult Social Care – Paying more for Less?

We paid £2.6m in a 2% Adult Social Care precept on our council tax last year and the Social Care Budget was slashed by £10m – Are Bromley ratepayers getting an improved Adult Social Care service as a result????

In the coming few days, Bromley Council will be announcing the new council tax we pay from April 2017. It looks like we will be paying an extra 3.99% , like we did last year. Half of this percentage increase is there for Adult Social Care. Social Care is hot news – particularly when Surrey Council threatened a referendum over the 15% council tax increase they said they needed to keep the Adult Social Care service afloat. Funnily enough after a quick word with the government (or possibly a Labour Councillor in Newcastle…) Tory Surrey Council seems to be able to manage 4.99%

So how much will we be gaining in the Bromley Social Care Budget this year? Well in 2016-2017 – the first year of the Adult Social Care Precept we gave Bromley Council an extra £2.6 million for social care… and they cut the spending within the Social Care Budget by £10m. When asked why an input of an extra £2.6 million resulted in a £10m reduction in the department’s budget – Councillor Arthur replied

I can confirm that it has received that money – to offset against the savings that would otherwise have had to be made to balance the budget.

So basically they’d have cut £12.6m from the Social Care budget…

And how much did Bromley Council squirrel away in the investment pot last year from Council funds – at least £10m…

It’ll be interesting to see how much of this coming year’s 2% council tax increase results in a positive increase to the Social Care Budget…. Which is apparently what Mr Hammond’s precept was supposed to do…..


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