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Another library enterprise flounders as Tory Bromley Council continue to pursue the privatisation of public services political dogma

Bexley Libraries have  just ducked out of the joint outsourcing project heavily promoted by Bromley Council.

Bromley Community Link – the volunteer service much touted to manage library volunteers in the 6 “community” libraries has ducked out of replacing librarians and library workers in those libraries.

Yet, undeterred the Tory council doggedly carry on with their privatisation dogma of public services!!!We await results of the bids and in the meantime our public libraries and their staff try and run the service with the Sword of Damacles over their heads.

We say Bromley Council should properly fund and manage their library service as they are legally obliged to – not pass the buck on to a third party management service that is more focused in making a profit than “provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all people that would like to use it” (Public Museums and Libraries Act 1964)

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