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Orpington CLP Contemporary motion on Childhood Obesity has been shortlisted at Labour Party Conference

The Labour Party Conference Arrangements Committee has decided that the motion submitted by Orpington CLP is contemporary and will go forward to the Priorities Ballot on Sunday 25 September at Conference.

Contemporary Motion proposed by Orpington Labour Party 

This Conference declares that the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, published on 18 August 2016, fails to address adequately the problems through a lack of mandatory measures.

The Parliamentary Health Committee Report into Childhood Obesity (2015) demands bold and urgent action from the Government to tackle childhood obesity and recommends nine key areas for improvement, including strong controls on price promotions, the marketing and advertising of unhealthy food and drink, a reduction in sugar content and food standards for all schools.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary stated childhood obesity was a national emergency and promised draconian measures to tackle it. However, the Obesity Strategy fails to impose mandatory restrictions as recommended in the nine areas highlighted by the parliamentary report and is far from being draconian as Hunt promised.

Conference notes one fifth of children are overweight when they start school, rising to one third at the age of eleven. By failing to address the issues causing obesity in particular amongst children is triggering a ticking time bomb of major illnesses in later life.

Furthermore, Conference notes the increasing incidence of diet related illnesses such as diabetes and the estimated cost to the NHS of £5billion in treating obesity related conditions. Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, has stated obesity will bankrupt the service.

Conference calls on the Government urgently to implement all of the recommendations of the Parliamentary Health Committee Report and safe guard and enhance the health of the nation’s children as a priority.

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