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Zac Goldsmith – Not in Bromley’s interest

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Thursday 5th May 2016

Some interesting bumph has been hitting our doormats over the past few weeks – a lot of it is blue in colour and seems to be extolling the virtues of a bloke called Zac Goldsmith and besmirching another bloke called Sadiq Khan. Zac wants to be Mayor of London. One is of these leaflets is aimed at Bromley residents

He wants us to know 2 things about Sadiq Khan.

  1. He backed Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour Leader (er… so what?)
  2. He says he’d do it again (… and?)

And who will you support Zac in the next Tory Leadership race – possibly as soon as this summer. Boris Johnson or George “Austerity” Osborne – do let us know.

Zac Goldsmith has resorted to negative and personal campaigning against Sadiq Khan. Let’s have a look at his actual “Action Plan”

He wants to:

Zac has a record for delivering and he puts that down purely to the fact that he increased his majority in extremely Tory Richmond upon Thames…. Only the rich and monied can afford to live there so it’s pretty safe to assume that not many socialists reside in the borough these days…. A cat would probably improve its majority if stood for the Conservatives in Richmond Zac….

Oh and he is the only one with influence over the Government apparently. So much so that Mr Cameron is not announcing anything contentious such as a Heathrow Expansion, so as not to shaft the nice Mr Goldsmith before the Mayor of London election… he’ll probably announce it the following week when the West London vote is safely in….

Another bloke called Gareth Bacon – nope we’ve never heard of him either – is standing for election as Bexley and Bromley London Assembly. He’s been our representative since 2008…. so worked with Boris – not delivering houses and failing to clean our air which Zac is determined to sort out.

Labour’s representative  –  Sam Russell – is a railway manager. He knows a thing or two about the problems facing London Transport. Now wouldn’t this be a novelty – voting for someone who has expert knowledge on one of the top pledges all candidates feel needs resolving – transport in London. Not only that – but Labour have an ex-transport minister also standing

on Thursday 5th May 2016

or you could vote Tory and nothing will happen – as it pretty much hasn’t done in this great capital since Boris has been “in charge” since 2008….


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