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Campaigning with Junior Doctors outside the Princess Royal in Farnborough

Orpington Labour Supporting our Junior Doctors….



A few hardy Labour supporters turned up to help Junior Doctors get their point across to NHS users outside the Princess Royal University Hospital on Tuesday morning this week in support of their all out strike against forced changes to their working contract.

Talking to one FY1 doctor – he worked it out that although he may get £3,000 on his basic salary under the new contract. However the hours he is expected to do under the new contract, he effectively loses £8,000 for working the same hours under the old contract. So you might wonder why they aren’t too keen to comply with Mr Hunt.

There’s no extra staff to extend the NHS Service for weekend working (aren’t hospitals already open at the weekends anyway???) …. so he’ll have to work longer hours and he can spend 12 days consecutive working  to help Mr Hunt create something out of nothing. Tired doctors make decisions on patients lives and health… our junior doctor doesn’t feel safe doing it, so it can’t be good for us can it???

Apparently support for Junior Doctors is waining – well a lot of people were hooting their support on the A21 Tuesday morning.

A lot of us can see the same old Tory tactic. Not for turning – force it through – stop them striking. The miners went through it – striking to save their livelihoods and communities…. Bully boy tactics (and the Met Police) won the day – look at our mining industry today… none existent. Cameron and Hunt see this as their “Miners” moment – to break the NHS…. This will open the floodgates to privatisation. We can’t let it happen.

Hunt will not negotiate. Lets have open debate Jeremy – discuss this in public with the doctors – which you won’t – basically because they’re intelligent people and would wipe the floor with you….



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