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Angela Wilkin, Leader of the Labour Group “appalled” by Tory Councillor’s “frivolous” comment on Labour’s suggestion of spending £6million Council underspend on key council services

Just a matter of weeks ago, Bromley Tories cut £11.2 million from the Council’s 2016-17 care services budget; they are now additionally proposing cutting the allowances paid to foster carers by up to 23%.

Yet on Monday night’s full council meeting, it was reported that Care Services has under spent its budget for 2015/16 by £3.6m. Other services have an additional £1.85m left in their budgets.

Labour’s Cllr Vanessa Allen proposed that these unspent monies should be used to reverse some of the £11.2m cuts to be made in 2016-17 to adults’ and children’s social care services, fostering allowances and public health.


simon_fawthrop.jpg-pwrt3Tory Cllr Simon Fawthrop replied by saying that such a move would be ” frivolous“, making it clear what Bromley Tories really think of their duty to care for vulnerable residents.



Cllr Angela Wilkins, Leader of the Labour Group said:

“I am simply appalled by Cllr Fawthrop’s comment.

Care Services are essential to many people.In the last ten months, Bromley Council has found a total of £23.5 million it had allocated to services but not actually spent, yet the Tories here still plead poverty.

In 2014/15 the Council under spent its budget by £11 million; the Tories decided in June to spend most of this on buying commercial properties, despite Labour’s opposition.In the autumn they found another £6.5 million they hadn’t spent on services so they bought yet more property with it.

Now another unspent £6m has appeared.I’d like them to try explaining this to the parent I spoke to this weekend who has three autistic children and has to fight to get even basic services for them.

Services aren’t frivolous, services are what the council is there to provide. It’s what we pay council tax for.”


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