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Bromley Council Achieve Negative Numbers in Affordable Housing for 2014-15

Bromley Council are bottom of the heap in producing affordable housing for it’s residents – according to Boris’s report….

A record low number of affordable homes are being built in the London area, according to figures published by the Greater London Authority.

Richmond upon Thames, with a population of 194,000, built just five affordable homes in 2014/15 and the City of London managed zero, while Bromley achieved a negative number, as the number of affordable properties was cut when a council estate was regenerated.

Writes Patrick Collinson in today’s Guardian.

Drilling down in the Mayor of London’s  “London Plan Annual Monitoring Report 12 – 2014-15 makes some interesting reading. Boris’s overall modest target of 13,200 new affordable housing for 2014-15 actually made just 6,856 – 1% less than the previous year’s low build of 6,914. The share of affordable housing build as whole in London fell from a previous 28% in 2013-2014 to 25% in 2014-15.

Apparently Bromley’s poor performance was down to the Ramsden Estate regeneration losing 211 social rented housing and replacing with just 58 affordable units….. And knocking down 104 social rented flats in Arkham and Horton Towers and replacing them with just 10 intermediate units…. They also had previous year’s figures downsized due to correction…

Bromley’s Net Affordable Builds are officially as follows for the past three years

2012-13 -68

2013-14 +140

2014-15 -54

Total gain of Affordable Housing Building by Bromley Council of 18 houses in the from April 2012 until March 2015. Which equates to 1% of total housing stock built within those years within the London Borough of Bromley.

This Tory council – who has squirrelled away £62m of our council funds into commercial property investments refused a modest call of £10m by the Bromley Council Labour Group to pump prime commercial house builders into producing more affordable housing units within brownfield land designated for future housing in the Borough. Tory Councillors ridiculed the proposal and voted it out….

From these appalling figures provided by Boris Johnson – it really shows this Tory council’s lack of commitment to local working people and their  ability to remain in this borough. People increasingly cannot hope to buy locally or afford to rent within the borough they either work or were born in. Dame Shirley’s “Building Stable Communities” policy may well be alive and well…. Call us paranoid….




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