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Pay more, get less

Angela Wilkins, Labour Group Leader on Bromley Council comments on the up and coming Council Tax decision by the Tory led Bromley Council to be announced at next Monday evening’s Council Meeting – 22nd February 2016

angela wilkins

“Bromley Tories were jubilant when Cameron was elected in May last year. However they aren’t so happy now that their own party has cut central government funding in such an unprecedented fashion. They must feel they have been stabbed in the back by their own boss.

But I am fed up hearing them whinging about having no money. They could have done things differently here in Bromley and they could be doing things differently next year – as the Labour Group will show next week when we present our alternative budget.

The Tories plan to raise taxes as much as they can in return for the lowest levels of service in outer London. Whilst care services are being cut by a whopping £9.2m, Bromley’s assets, reserves and investments continue to pile up.

Put simply: pay more, get less. It doesn’t have to be like this.”

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