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Motion to cease internal division within the Parliamentary Labour Party

Orpington Constituency Labour Party call upon the Parliamentary Labour Party to cease arguing amongst itself around some broader issues which are not as important such as issues around the NHS & Local Government underfunding by a Tory Government hell bent on cutting spending and privatising services to benefit its Party’s financial backers…

The motion proposed by the Orpington CLP Officers read:

“This meeting, 27 Jan 2016, of the Orpington Constituency Labour Party calls for an end to the current disastrous display of disunity in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) where both sides are at fault.

This CLP believes that compromise between the contesting sides in the present difficult and dangerous situation is the only way the LP can regain credibility with the electorate. Furthermore, a broad compromise should be reached in which the electorally damaging defence review is postponed indefinitely in return for the whole PLP supporting the new Leadership’s economic and social policies. The latter should focus particularly upon issues in which the present Government is vulnerable as it would strengthen HM Opposition to the benefit of the LP as well as proving popular with the electorate. In stark contrast a defence review which embraces unilateralism and questions NATO membership raises the spectre of electoral suicide.”

The motion led to a very good debate with differing views expressed but no rancour. The motion was carried by 17 votes in favour; 8 against and 2 abstentions.

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