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Labour Leadership 2015

Leadership Voting Papers are now being received by legitimate registered voters

If you are registered to vote – you should be receiving your ballot paper anytime now. As an Orpington member or affiliate – you will be voting for the

and if you are under the age of 27

Your ballot paper will show who you are eligible to vote for.

To save the Labour Party money – in these days of austerity (imposed by Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne…) – you can vote online and you will be asked for your two security codes (parts one and two) highlighted at the top of your ballot paper. You will be taken through each post and asked for either preference of candidate or putting an “x” against your preferred candidates.

Please do as soon as possible – remember the ballot closes at noon on Thursday 10th September 2015

As an added incentive – and again – useful income generation for the Labour Party in these austere times… for 2 quid a pop you can buy a raffle ticket and not only have a chance of winning  £1,000 but also there are 5 pairs of tickets to the Labour Leader Conference on 12th September when the winning candidates will be announced!

If you have yet to receive your papers please check here on how to get them.

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