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OLP request a Labour Rebuttal Unit to counteract Tory media smears

A resolution was passed at the Orpington Labour Party Constituency meeting to demand the Labour Leadership organise against a large Tory dominated media machine in this country

To: Harriett Harman, MP,  Acting Leader of the Opposition ,

Cc Iain McNicol, Gen. Sec. Labour Party

House of Commons,

London SW1 0AA


I write to inform you of a motion carried unanimously at the OrpingtonCLP all members meeting on 22 July.
It ran:

“This CLP demands that the Labour Party as a matter of urgency sets up
an instant  Rebuttal Unit, such as the one under Alistair Campbell that operated so
successfully under Tony Blair, in order to shoot down Tory misrepresentations and
get the Labour side of the political argument into the public domain.”

Members believed the Labour Party, once again in the throes of a long leadership election, is allowing the Tories free rein in the media.

They felt that unless we take urgent action, we risk continuing to allow the Tories to set the agenda and convince the electorate that Labour is unelectable in 2020.

Best wishes,
Nigel de Gruchy

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