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Flytipping Blocks Warren Road

Warren Road closed to traffic for 5 days because Council Services couldn’t get round to clearing fly tipping on the road….

When a pile of waste soil was fly tipped in Warren Road, blocking it completely, residents rang the Council to report it and very quickly the Council closed the road.  When, three days later, the obstruction was still there, more calls from residents, local businesses and frustrated commuters trying to get to Chelsfield Station were made – and still the road remained closed.

One local farmer even offered to clear the road with his digger and was told by the Council that if he did so the waste soil would become his responsibility.

On day four, after being contacted by a local business, a resident Orpington Labour member emailed the three Tory Councillors for Chelsfield to complain and ask why nothing had happened. Councillors Huntington–Thresher and Buttinger didn’t bother to reply

Councillor Onslow did reply saying

“I fail to understand why you feel Councillors should be aware of every last transgression in the Ward.”

By day six the complaining paid off, the obstruction was gone and the road open again.

Rest assured we do not believe blocking a road with fly tipped waste is a mere ‘transgression’, and yes we do think that after four days of phone calls and messages Councillors should be aware of it. One cannot help but come to the conclusion that had this taken place elsewhere in Bromley, there would not have been a delay of almost a week before it was cleared.

We know there have been other recent instances of serious fly tipping in Orpington and equally slow responses from the Council and their contractors, so if you’re aware of any more fly tipping examples or think we can help, please let us know.

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