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Bromley Times raises fears for local services provided by councils

Local press queries the race to privatise local council services and whether funding will be lost to provide them in the future…

Following on from last week’s article the privatisation of public services by Tory Bromley Council – The Bromley Times editorial this week on page 3 fears:

“whether we will ever see that funding to the local services restored. Or whether we now face a reality where we rely solely on volunteer or private providers for services so many rely on. And that should concern us all”

They also comment that this is Tory Government driven

“Whether a mere austerity measure or more ideologically driven, is very much in the eye of the beholder”

We can safely say that it is “more ideologically driven” Cutting cost over providing local services..

On 1st July 2015 The Prime Minister welcomed fellow Tory MP  Simon Hoare to the Houses of Parliament  – after congratulating him he added

“Before coming here, he was a very successful district councillor in an area I am familiar with, where he helped to achieve the second lowest council tax in the country.”

No mention of the services Simon Hoare provided in North Dorset. Just the cost saving.. Endorsed by the man at the top….

We hope the local press in South London and the Bromley area continue to question the ideological Tory Council who horde local ratepayers money and cut their services.

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