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Fears Grow for Future Services – Bromley Times

Bromley Times Highlights Public Services Bear the Brunt of the Tory Council’s Unnecessary Budget Savings and Service Privatisation.

This weeks  Bromley Times (9th July 2015 pages 12 to 13) has highlighted the fears of local ratepayers and staff employed by Bromley Council concerning the Tory lead privatisation of local public services.

Library staff have been on strike at many branches around the borough over proposed privatisation of some of the library branches within the borough. Privatisation of park staff, transport for elderly people and a local day centre for people with learning disabilities has happened or is about to happen.

Tory Council Leader Stephen Carr says

We have always adopted a prudent and sustainable approach to managing the council’s resources. This includes making investments in property

We say

Your job is manage a budget properly by spending on services and staff to maintain those services within the London borough of Bromley – not property investments!!!

He says

We have to save £40million over the next four years from a budget of £200million

We say

You’ve got £300million in property investment – so why do you need to save any more????

There’s prudent saving for a rainy day – but £300million in the bank and cutting staff and services Come On!!!???

This council is detrimentally affecting it’s employees and it’s constituents.

Below is a copy of Bromley Voice highlighting the privatisation of Bromley Library Services

Bromley Voice 1

Bromley Voice 2

Bromley Voice 3

Make your opposition to this sell off of services and hoarding of rate payers money through property investment be heard by signing this online petition and by contacting your local councillor



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