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Local Tory Councillor to Stand for Mayor of London

Tory Bromley councillor for Petts Wood & Knoll Rise Simon Fawthrop has officially announced his intention to be the next Mayor of London – a job he doesn’t want and which he is probably unsuitable for – according to himself!

Tory Bromley councillor for Petts Wood & Knoll – Simon Fawthrop – has officially announced his intention to be the next Mayor of London

Simon Fawthrop stands for Mayor of London!!

He doesn’t believe that London needs a Mayor so he’s standing to make himself redundant. Turkey voting for Christmas comes to mind…..

He doesn’t believe he’ll be a good Mayor because he doesn’t want to do the job.

“I would probably be totally unsuitable to be Mayor on the grounds that I probably wouldn’t really want to do it.”

So he doesn’t want the job and he wants the job to go – yet the Tory Party are looking to encourage major city’s to create Mayors… so what is Mr Fawthorp thinking? London-wide  events such as the The Olympics would have been interesting being run by 30 odd London Boroughs…just think of all those decisions being made and all those committee hours…. very efficient….

He has some very interesting viewpoints especially around CEO’s of housing associations

“Any housing association where the CEO or deputy are paid more than the Mayor or Prime Minister will not get funding from the Mayor, people live in hostels and these people are on a quarter of a million pound salaries.”

Extrapolating that argument we presume that CEO’s of any company that provides a public service – like many of the companies the Tories in Bromley Council are handing out contracts to – should also come under the same caveat – so we hope his colleagues on the council are looking into that one..

He obviously doesn’t think much of the present incumbent and the job he is doing

“It’s not about being Mayor it’s about sorting things out. It’s been a mess and we have a beauty contest every four years, it should be about trying to sort London out.”

So it’s not just Labour who think Boris is doing a poor job for London, but prospective Tory Mayoral successors. We wonder how Jo feels about Simon’s opinion on his Big Brother’s stewardship!!!

All the best in your half-hearted attempt Simon

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