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Orpington Museum to close in October

The Tory Council Executive have decided to close the Orpington Priory Museum from October 2015 – opting for showing exhibits in display areas at Bromley Central Library. One of the few public resources based in Orpington is lost and more money saved for the Tory council to expand its property portfolio.

The council executive made the decision to move the Orpington Priory museum exhibits to Bromley Central Library at a meeting on Wednesday June 10th 2015 according to the News Shopper.

Two current Museum staff will be made redundant.

Councillor Angela Wilkins, Labour Councillor for Crystal Palace and Leader of the Bromley Council Labour Group remarked:

“Bromley Tories underspent by a whopping £11.154m last year – 5 times what was anticipated when the budget was set in February. And Labour oppose their decision to invest £10.1m of this in yet more commercial properties.

“We recognise that finances are very difficult now and into the future, but a balance has to be found between providing services and funding them. With total reserves in excess of £300m we believe the balance is wrong and many of the cuts unnecessary.

“We will be monitoring the new museum service and care of the museum’s collection closely in the future.”

Nigel de Gruchy, Secretary of Orpington Labour Party commented:

“Orpington Labour Party deplores yet another decision by the Council to discriminate against Orpington.

“The decision diminishes educational opportunities for local kids to save a few pounds for a generally wealthy Bromley population.

“All this at a time when the Tory Council underspent its 2014 budget – which already included provision for a £2m underspend – by a staggering £9m, adding yet more to so called ‘rainy day’ reserves over £300m.

“The less well off residents in Bromley are paying a heavy price when council tax bills are already the second lowest in London.”

If you feel strongly about the loss of this historic public resource, talk to us at the Orpington Labour Party stand at the Priory Gardens on Saturday 4th July for the Big “O” Festival.

Or turn up to the What’s Up Tweet Up next Monday 6 July 7pm at the Greenwood Centre, Green Street Green.

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