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Bromley council buys more time over the Priory

Community pressure has forced Bromley Council to postpone its decision to sell off Orpington Priory, the home of Bromley Museum, and start a proper consultation.

After Bromley Council announced its plan to sell off Orpington Priory, the home of Bromley Museum, pressure mounted by the Orpington Labour Party, trade unions and many other local community groups has forced the Executive Committee to postpone its decision and start a proper consultation.

Well done to all those who signed the petitions and raised the questions at the meeting.

We have secured a short breathing space to see if other alternatives can be found. But massive problems remain. Thanks to Chancellor Osborne’s excessive austerity, Bromley still has to find £68M worth of cuts over the next 3 years from a budget of £205M.

It looks like the final decision on the council tax will be an increase of between 1.2% – 1.99% depending on the GLA precept to be taken at the end of this month.

By Nigel de Gruchy,

Orpington Labour Party candidate for the general election in May 2015.

Photo by Duncan Harris on Flickr

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