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Thank you for supporting the bill to Save the NHS

In parliament today the bill to Save the NHS was passed by 241 votes to 18. Thanks to everyone who signed our petition. And congratulations to Clive Efford who sponsored the bill.

After a huge amount of hard work by Clive Efford and his team, and fantastic support from many of you, the bill to Save the NHS was passed in parliament today.

The bill removes the worst parts of the Social Care Act 2012. This act forced the privatisation of NHS services by imposing competition law.

The Tory government had fought against the bill, but gave up when it was clear that the bill was hugely popular with the public. During the debate the opposition benches were full, but the government benches were almost empty. And the bill eventually passed by 241 votes to 18.

Debate on the NHS bill in parliament

Hopefully the NHS can now get back to caring for people, rather than wasting time and money on marketing and procurement.

Labour MPs supporting the bill

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