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Waste4Fuel finally lose their environment permit

Jo Johnson may be delighted that Waste4Fuel has finally lost its environment permit, but would this have gone on so long in any other part of the borough?

Orpington MP Jo Johnson’s expression of ‘delight’ with the withdrawal of Waste4Fuel’s environmental permit might carry some credibility had his Conservative colleagues on the Bromley Council backed a motion from Labour Councillors many months ago demanding that very withdrawal.

Instead all Conservative and Lib Dem councillors declined to support Labour’s call with the overwhelming majority actually voting against. As late as August this year Bromley Tories were denying they had any responsibility for the problem.

Residents down-wind and in the vicinity of Cornwall Drive, together with hundreds of children and staff in nearby schools, will believe the saga is over when they see it cleared and stop smelling the stink.

This scandalous long running saga would never have been tolerated if it happened in a more prosperous part of Bromley.

Let’s also see whether Waste4Fuel will really be held to account.

It is all too easy for companies to shift assets around, declare bankruptcy and walk away leaving the public authorities and tax payers to pick up the bill for clearing up the mess. This may well cost several millions of pounds more than would have been the case had Bromley Council acted sooner.

The claim that privatisation of such services makes them more accountable to the public is once again shown literally to be a load of rubbish.

Nigel de Gruchy,
Labour Party General Election Candidate for Orpington

Photo of Waste4Fuel site posted on Twitter by the Environment Agency (@EnvAgencySE).

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