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Israeli attacks on Gaza are “criminally excessive and disproportionate”

In a motion passed at our last all member meeting, Orpington Labour Party described recent attacks by the Israeli Defence Force on Gaza as “criminally excessive and disproportionate”. We sent copies of the motion to the Israeli, US and French Ambassadors, and to Philip Hammond, UK Foreign Secretary, and Douglas Alexander, Shadow Foreign Secretary.

To His Excellency Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to the UK

Your Excellency,

I write to inform you of the motion carried by the Orpington Labour Party on the latest developments in the long running Israeli – Palestinian conflict. We do not wish to minimise the problems facing Israel and recognise there has been violence from both sides, but we genuinely believe that Israel is not acting in its own best interests.

The motion ran as follows:

Whilst recognising that rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian areas are potential war crimes, the Orpington Labour Party (OLP) condemns the response of the State of Israel to the current (July 2014) attacks by forces in Gaza as criminally excessive and disproportionate.

The OLP recognises the right of nations to defend themselves against aggressors but asserts that Israel, supported by powerful friends, has been able to establish an extremely effective missile defence system. The OLP strongly believes Israel’s long term interests would be better served and result in fewer deaths of their own people by reliance upon this defence system than the mass bombing of parts of Gaza backed up by ground operations which wreak unspeakable atrocities and suffering upon scores of thousands of largely innocent and helpless people. This crude military response fuels more problems in a vicious downward spiral of death and destruction.

Accordingly, the OLP urges those nations that were involved in the establishment of the State of Israel and the outrageous displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people, together with the USA which has afforded Israel massive and at times uncritical support, to accept they have a special responsibility to apply real pressure on Israel to behave in a civilised manner, to cease its illegal occupation of land and to respect human rights which their own people were so tragically and brutally denied in Nazi Germany.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel de Gruchy

How can I help?

Please give what you can to the Gaza Crisis Appeal run by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Photo by Mustafa Hassona, Anadolu Agency, Getty Images

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