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Nathaniel Arthur, Marina Ahmad and Tim Fisher are the Labour Action Team for Cray Valley East. In their July-August Newsletter they say a great big thank you to everyone who voted Labour in the recent local elections.

May 2014 Election Results

Firstly a great big thank you to all those people who voted for our candidates in the recent Local Elections. Whilst we were unsuccessful in the Crays, we increased our vote in Cray Valley East. In the last comparable election we secured 1507 votes, this time around we got 2274 votes. Overall in Bromley the Labour Party made good progress increasing the number of councillors from 3 to 7 and compared to the 2010 General Election the Labour Party percentage of the vote rose from 9% to 20%.

In Cray Valley West, two UKIP candidates were elected (one of which didn’t bother turning up for his first Council meeting). The Liberal Democrats, who didn’t manage to field candidates in all the wards, lost all their Council seats. It’s now clear the Liberal Democrats in Orpington and Bromley are no more, and Labour is now the only opposition to the Tories.

Here to Stay – Holding them to Account

When we started our election campaign at last year’s Cray Festival, we said that if we lost we would not walk away from the Crays. Our Cray Valley Action Teams remain committed to the area and to the people who live there. Labour still believes that the Crays are treated differently to the more affluent parts of the Borough. We will continue to fight for a Fair Deal for the Crays and to hold the Tories to account over the promises they have made for the area.

Complain – Your Front Line Services

Whilst the Tories boast that front line services provided by the Council in the Crays have been maintained, we know that’s not true. All of us can see that the condition and cleanliness of the roads has got worse, that grass and vegetation is allowed to become overgrown and that waste is left in the road. We are going to keep highlighting and reporting these matters and we would ask all residents in the Crays to do the same. You can make your complaints about potholes, street condition and cleaning, overhanging vegetation etc. online at fix.bromley.gov.uk. If you get no joy, let us know.

Introducing Nigel de Gruchy – Orpington Labour Party Candidate 2015 General Election

Portrait of Nigel de Gruchy

I was born and brought up in Jersey, but I have lived with my wife Judy for the past 36 years in Orpington, a place where you can get the benefits of both town and country. Nevertheless, we face huge problems in housing, health services and jobs amongst many others. We need jobs with reasonable pay above social security levels to give people a chance of finding decent housing and living a healthy life. And while Orpington is generally a good place to live, be careful when you mention that to residents living in the vicinity of or down-wind from Waste4Fuel.

My campaign for the general election will focus on fairness for all. It is not fair to make the poorest people carry the heaviest burden for repaying the debt incurred in rescuing the banks from their own greed and corruption. Unbelievably, they continue much as before paying ridiculous rewards to people at the top who presided over the crisis. It is not fair to impose cuts in badly needed public services which could be avoided if wealthy people and large corporations simply paid the taxes they should.

I will not stop reminding people that Labour had improved services and got the economy moving forward again by mid 2010 before the Coalition came in and gave us 4 years of unnecessary recession, austerity and broken promises.

Waste4Fuel – Tory Broken Promises

Back in January the Tories told us that the Waste4Fuel site would be “completely cleared in the next few months”. That of course was not true. Six months on and the only changes have been that the pile of rubbish has grown higher, there have been more fires and the cost to taxpayers has risen.

So let’s explain it to the Tories, the Environment Agency (whom you chose to hand the problem to) are not and have never sought to close the site. The only way the site will be shut down is if Tory Bromley Council take some action.

And finally a word of advice for our Tory Councillors, don’t make promises you can’t keep. We know you’re not going to close down the Waste4Fuel site. So be honest and admit it.

Foodbank – Tory Profits from Poverty

The number of people who received at least 3 days of emergence food from Trussell Trust food banks has risen from 61,468 in 2010/11 to 913,138 in 2013/14
The number of people who received at least 3 days of emergence food from Trussell Trust food banks

At the same time as the local Tories were making their election pledge ‘to care for the vulnerable’ Bromley Council was named and shamed in the national press for profiting from poverty. From January the Council imposed an £8,400 rent on the Orpington Foodbank, in February Labour proposed a plan to drop the charge but the Tories voted against the plan.

This issue is not about party politics. This is a matter of humanity and compassion. In recent weeks the local Community Care Protection Group have organised a petition, and if they get enough people to sign the matter will once again be put to the Council.

We would urge everyone to sign the petition.

Living in the Crays

We’d like to hear about the issues that are important to you – from schools and the NHS to paying your bills and the Bedroom Tax. You can email us on enquiries@orpingtonlabour.org.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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