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Bromley Council election results

Commentary and thanks from Nigel de Grouchy, secretary of Orpington Labour Party.

Overall in Bromley the Labour Party made good progress, more than doubling the number of councillors from 3 to 7.

We increased our vote in Cray Valley East (CVE), our target ward. In the last comparable election (2006) we secured total votes of 1507. Last Thursday we secured 2274.

Across the whole of Orpington our candidates won 10,298 votes. The Lib Dems secured only 7429 and lost all their council seats.

Compared with the general election of 2010 we increased our percentage share of the vote from 9% to 20%.

This means we’ve achieved our basic aim of replacing the Lib Dems as the main opposition to the Tories both in terms of overall votes in Orpington and seats on the Bromley Council.

The only way now of getting rid of the Tories in Orpington is to vote Labour.

Detailed ward-by ward-results are available from www.bromley.gov.uk – once on the home page, click Elections 2014.

Our thanks go to all members who became candidates.

Special thanks are due to our candidates in CVE, Marina Ahmad, Nathaniel Arthur and Tim Fisher who worked their socks (and shoes) off. And an extra special thank you is due to Tim who undertook the role of campaign coordinator in CVE.

Thanks also to all those members who supported our campaign, canvassing on the doorsteps, distributing leaflets and telephoning voters as well as working a very long day on 22 May getting out the vote.

Congratulations to one of our Vice Chairs, Chris Taylor, for a fine if valiant effort standing in Cray Valley West and coming very close to winning along with his two Labour colleagues.

Last but not least thanks to all supporters and other members of the public who voted Labour.

Now there’s a little time for a campaigning holiday  – but not much, as we start to gear up for the general election of 2015.

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