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Well done, Daily Mail

Comparing our leaders’ fathers is an interesting exercise

The recent controversy over the articles published in the Mail have prompted me to find out about Ralph Miliband – and I am grateful for the stimulus provided by the paper to do so.

Ralph and his father, as Belgium Jews in the last war, had to struggle to stay alive uprooting themselves and moving to this country for any chance of survival. A new language had to be learned and a new culture absorbed.

Ralph served with distinction in the war time navy and subsequently, through his own studies, became a prominent sociologist and Marxist thinker. In these ways he served this country and contributed to our political heritage. With such a father, Ed Miliband has a great foundation and role model.

And what about Dave’s dad, Ian Cameron? Well he was very strong on managing (perfectly legal) offshore accounts in tax havens.¬†Through his efforts he was able to leave his family a sizeable fortune, and perhaps a philosophy for life?

As the Mail has prompted us to consider, our leaders’ fathers are interesting to compare!

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