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300,000 more children in now poverty

The latest statistics from the Department of Work and Pensions show there are 300,000 more children living in poverty since the coalition came to power.

It’s reported in The Guardian this morning that child poverty has increased by 300,000 under the ConDem coalitionĀ – emphasis on the “Con” – with children accounting for one in three of the 900,000 people who have fallen into poverty since 2010.

The government has a legal responsibility to ensure that only 10% of children live in relative poverty by 2020 (ie. living in a household with less than 60% of the median income). Taking into account housing costs, and when 2010-11 figures are factored in also, the percentage is currently 29%.

It’s important to note also that the entire increase in children in poverty last year came from working – not workless – households.

There’s more detail in the DWP’s full statistics.

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