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A bad case of Faragitis

I was alarmed to note from the Queen’s speech that the government, besides running out of ideas on how to put the economy back on track, has now caught ‘Faragitis’.

The key symptom of this insidious disease is an urgent need to deal with a make-believe problem rather than face reality. In particular, Yes we must sort out the problem with migrants before all else!

But what is the problem?

  1. Of the 1.8m EU migrants of working age in this country, 5% claim out-of-work benefits compared to 13% of Brits.
  2. Migrants are usually young, healthy and striving. They impose a disproportionately smaller burden on health and education.
  3. The 2004 wave of EU citizens coming to the UK contributed 30% more to the national purse than they took out. They were an asset.
  4. So if the government tries really hard it might keep up with UKIP and consequently accelerate its headlong fall to the bottom.

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