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Blair’s road to nowhere

Our Secretary, Nigel de Gruchy, gives his view of recent economic debates in a letter to the Guardian.

Ken Livingstone’s refreshing evidence-based proposals for solving our economic problems (Throw out the myths about Margaret Thatcher, 12 April) put Tony Blair’s label-loaded left-, right-, middle-ground fixations firmly in the shade (Tony Blair warns Labour not to pander to party base, 16 April).

The problem Blair has in his ‘lurching to the left’ hang-ups is that the historical evidence and virtually all informed current analysis (bar Cameron and Osborne’s) point to the state having to intervene. There was no protest from Blair when Gordon Brown lurched extremely left to bail out the banks to ‘save the world’.

Tony Blair correctly calls on us to seek ‘answers’ with open minds. Why therefore does he prejudge left-leaning measures when the heart of the problem lies in extreme right wing-induced deregulated globalised markets unleashed upon the world with the blessings of Reagan and Thatcher in the mid 1980s? If we cannot follow the correct road because it points left we may well end up with nothing left.

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