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Special Adminstrator publishes final report

The Office of the Special Administrator has today published its final report on the future of South London Healthcare Trust. It recommends major changes to healthcare in South London.

The report makess seven main proposals:

1. The operational efficiency of the hospitals that make up SLHT needs to improve so that the Trust’s costs are in line with strong performing NHS organisations. This will mean that, over the next three years, the sites that make up SLHT need to make the full £74.9m of efficiency opportunities identified through analysis. This will require a transformation both in clinical and managerial leadership and in fundamental organisational culture.

2. Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup should be developed into a ‘hub’ for the provision of health and social care in Bexley, facilitated by the transfer of the required portion of the land and estate to Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. Implementing this recommendation will deliver annual savings of £4.5m by the end of financial year 2015/16.

3. Vacant and poorly utilised premises should be exited (in the case of leases) or sold (in the case of freeholds). The NHS should engage with the local authorities in Bromley and Bexley in the process of selling surplus estate to ensure its future use maximises regeneration opportunities.

4. On an annual basis until the relevant contracts end, the Department of Health should provide additional funds to the local NHS to cover the excess costs of the PFI buildings at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Royal University Hospital.

5. In line with commissioner intentions to improve the quality of care for the local population and agreement amongst clinical leaders to aim to meet the acute clinical standards set for London, there should be a transformation in the way services are provided in south east London.  Specifically, changes are recommended in relation to community-based care and emergency, maternity and elective services:

6. In order to deliver this transformation programme, South London Healthcare NHS Trust should be dissolved and other organisations should take over the management and delivery of the NHS services it currently provides. In addition to the proposals for Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup outlined above:

7. Transitional funding will be required for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the new organisation combining Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to cover the in-year finances while the recommendations are being implemented. It is estimated that the level of support required will be in the region of £55.3m in the three-year transition period. If the recommendations are accepted, further work between the Department of Health and the Trusts to agree these figures will be a crucial element ahead of implementation. There should also be a Programme Board under an independent chair appointed by and reporting to Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS Commissioning Board, and David Flory, Chief Executive of the NHS Trust Development Authority. The programme board will work with all south east London organisations to ensure change is delivered.

You can read the full report on the NHS website.

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