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Cuts to Met threaten force’s effectiveness

A report by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary today warns that the Metropolitan Police may not be able to provide a “sufficiently efficient or effective service” following deep cuts to the force.

Labour’s City Hall Police and Crime spokesperson, Joanne McCartney, said:

This is deeply worrying news for Londoner. Last week we found out that over 1,000 PCSOs were missing and the Met will have to lose 1,400 police officers.

How do the government expect the Met to keep us safe if they keep cutting police officers like this? They have no idea how much the public value the police, the government are completely out of touch.

The mayor and the government have a lot to answer for, the Met is already stretched even before these cuts take effect. Now we will see the full implications of the government’s policy to cut too far and too fast.

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