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Who really delivered as Mayor?

Nigel responds to a Boris supporter whose memory is somewhat selective

Conservative supporter Mr. E lectures us on short memories whilst suffering from the same problem himself.

He conveniently forgets Ken Livingstone’s two terms as London Mayor achieving huge improvements in our public transport system with more and better trains, tubes and buses. Ken is the only British politician who challenged the polluting supremacy of the car and introduced the Congestion Charge. And don’t forget the Freedom Pass!

Yes, Ken put local taxes up to pay for more police and that contributed to significant decreases in crime. According to Mr. E this was an extravagance and a waste of our money. Boris spectacularly failed to honour his promise to chair the London Police Authority, quickly finding it too much to cope with. Hard work and attention to detail are conspicuous by their absence in Boris.

With Gordon Brown, Ken set up a scheme which eventually led to thousands of affordable homes being built in London. Under Boris that number dropped to a mind numbing 56 last year.

The number of City Hall employees earning six figure salaries increased under Boris but of course that is not an ‘extravagance’ by Tory standards.

Boris’ major ‘achievement’ is a few modern Route Master buses at an extravagant unit cost. Even the Boris Bikes began life as one of Ken’s initiatives.

Boris has been mostly negative, cancelling many of Ken’s infrastructural plans for London such as Cross Rail and the extension of the tram ways, although he has had second thoughts as the 2012 election looms.

Nigel wrote this letter to the editor of the Bromley Times in response to ‘letter of the week’ dated April 12th, 2012.

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