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Thanks … but no thanks

I recently received a fund raising letter from the Orpington Conservatives. I think you will understand if I say “thanks … but no thanks.”

Tory party raffle letterI recently received a personally addressed, though unsolicited, fund raising letter from the Chairman of the Orpington Conservative Association, Brian Cooke. He surprised me with the good news that “we have witnessed the rebirth of the Trade Union dominated Labour Party” since when I last spoke to trade unionists at the Labour Party Conference just a few weeks ago, they were complaining bitterly that the Leadership continued to ignore them.

I was also surprised that Mr. Cooke accused the Labour Party of being “unrepentant over the disastrous legacy of debt.” The Tories’ friends and supporters in the finance industry were very grateful to Gordon Brown when he led many of the world’s governments to rescue them from bankruptcy, and all of us from economic meltdown, in 2007 and 2008.

I did not understand why Mr. Cooke objected to “class war.” His Party’s leadership, dominated as it is by millionaires, has been waging a very successful one. The poor and the vulnerable are being hammered. The rich not only let off lightly, but promised priority treatment in the abolition of the 50% top income tax rate as soon as circumstances permit. It seems intolerant of Mr. Cooke to talk of “Labour lurching to the left” while the Tories lurch to the right.

After careful thought I concluded that if the choice is between a government dominated by the unions or one dominated by the fat cats of business, not to mention the murky Murdochs, I would go for the trade unionists.

Mr. Cooke’s thought provoking letter to me concluded with a premature and optimistic: “With many thanks for your support.”

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