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"We live in a Liberal Democracy", "We live in a Parliamentary Democracy", “We live in a Constitutional Monarchy Democracy” — take your choice. One thing has become perfectly clear: In the last three years our democracy has been threatened by a small minority of elitists.

The people of this country have come to realise they have very little say on how the country is run. We are being treated with contempt by the bankers who, after bringing us to our knees with their gambling, are now wallowing in obscene bonuses and demanding more. Company executives have given themselves massive pay rises and told the rest of us to accept no pay increases for the benefit of the country.

Our public services are cynically and clinically being taken apart and what is left given to the privateer vultures who will offer poor standards and poor wages.

The top echelons of the police in London have been in bed with the Murdoch empire and when finally caught out say they’ve done nothing wrong. We read their statements with incredulity . A number of our MPs are caught with their fingers in the till and then we watch them on TV with a self-satisfied look on their faces as they offer to pay back to us our money which they shouldn’t have taken in the first place.

Former Government Ministers and civil servants are now working for companies who have done very well out of Government Department contracts they oversaw. The list is endless and we can only watch.

We march, we protest, we write letters of complaint, occasionally we have a little victory but mostly we are ignored.

The far right has attempted to fill the vacuum but fortunately they are made up of ignorant thugs. If they had someone with the charisma of Oswald Mosely it might be a different story.

This is a golden opportunity for The Labour Party and our new leader to offer the country a fresh start and resonate with the hopes and aspirations of the nation. We must lead from the front and say "enough is enough" and stop playing to the elitists’ rules.

Remember Harold Wilson at our 1962 conference — "This party is a moral crusade or it is nothing"

Let’s be counted!

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