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Orpington residents back Ken’s call to Save our Sergeants

The Conservatives and Lib Dems are taking a huge gamble with our economy and now the Tory Mayor of London is taking an even bigger gamble with our safety by cutting 1,800 police officers. Sign our petition and join us in fighting these dangerous cuts.

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On Orpington High Street this morning, Orpington Labour Party secured the support of hundreds of Orpington residents, who have signed a petition calling on the Tory Mayor of London to reverse his ill-judged decision to drastically reduce London’s police presence.

Orpington voter signing our petitionAs communities across London take stock of the damage caused by the riots of a fortnight ago, and with less than a year to go until the Olympic Games heightens the need for safe streets, Boris Johnson has stuck fast to his plans to cut 1,800 police officer posts; reduce the manpower of safer neighbourhood teams by almost a half; and force 600 police officers to reapply for their jobs.

Bromley is set to lose thirty officers – despite Boris’ pledge on his election in 2008 to increase the number of police in the borough. During Ken Livingstone’s eight years in office, London’s police numbers increased by 5,397, from 26,001 officers to 31,398. And figures released in January show that recorded crime fell by seven per cent nationally in the year ending September 2010. Yet the Tories are risking this progress by cutting police funding.

Labour is committed to prioritising the police, keeping Bobbies on the beat and protecting the public.

Please sign the petition to send a message that these are the wrong cuts at the wrong time.

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