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Oliver Letwin thinks public sector workers need to be more scared

Oliver Letwin told a recent meeting that public services were failing and that to improve productivity the government needed to instil more fear and discipline.

The smug face of Oliver LetwinAccording to reports of the meeting, Oliver Letwin again attacked public sector workers, suggesting that public services are inefficient because they are lazy. And the best way to provide better services was to make sure that workers were sacred of losing their jobs.

This is hard to take. An old-Etonian lecturing working people on how scared they should be. When he has no experience or understanding of the stress of working in a world of continual ‘reform’ and ‘savings’. I image this is because people like him are always the ones sitting round the table deciding who gets ‘reformed’ and who gets ‘saved’.

And to cap it all, modern business books agree that this out-dated management style actually reduces rather than increases productivity.

So Letwin is a stupid public schoolboy as well as being a nasty one.

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