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Letters to the Bromley Times

Orpington Labour Party Secretary Nigel de Gruchy has written two letters to the Bromley Times about Tories poor memory of who really caused the financial crisis and recession. The first version was lost by the paper so Nigel recently sent the revised version.


To: The Editor, Bromley Times

The rehearsed and relentless repetition by Tories, such as Council Leader Stephen Carr, that the financial crisis is solely due to the previous Labour Government, implies it had nothing to do with the bankers. Councillor Carr insults people’s intelligence with this asinine assertion. And if the crisis started with Labour’s excessive spending what was David “Hindsight” Cameron doing promising as late as 2008 to match it?

Even the ponderous Governor of the Bank of England, upon whom the Tories intend to invest total confidence in regulating the financial world, said last week that he was surprised the people were not angrier with the bankers for all the damage they caused.

There is an alternative to the cuts which fall mostly upon the poorest sections of our community. The Tory dominated Government should be vigorously pursuing the Robin Hood Tax on international financial transactions which already has considerable support in the rest of Europe. That combined with bringing tax evaders and avoiders to book would wipe out the structural deficit within two years.

Nigel de Gruchy


To: The Editor, Bromley Times

Week by week reports in the Bromley Times reveal how the cuts impact dramatically and disproportionately upon the poorer sections in our community. They pay the price of the Bromley Tories’ proud boast to have the lowest council tax charge in London.

Able bodied people concerned with this shabby treatment of the less fortunate can as a first step join the big march in central London on Saturday 26 March to show their disgust with the Tories and support for alternatives. The proposed Robin Hood Tax on international money transactions and measures to curb the disgraceful tax evasion and avoidance orchestrated by big finance and rich individuals would make those truly responsible for the financial crisis pay the bill.

The rehearsed relentless repetition by Tories of the big lie that the financial crisis is solely due to the previous Labour Government insults people’s intelligence by implying it had nothing to do with the bankers.

Nigel de Gruchy

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