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Londoners can’t afford Tory New Year fare rises

Ken Livingstone and the Orpington Labour Party have condemned Boris Johnson’s huge fare hikes and called for the Mayor to put the needs of ordinary Londoners first.

On January 2nd millions of Londoners will pay higher fares on London’s buses, tubes and trains because of decisions taken by Boris Johnson and his Tory Chancellor George Osborne.

Since Boris Johnson was elected in 2008 the cost of a single bus ticket has risen by 44%. Thanks to Boris Johnson and George Osborne’s fare hikes, Londoners will pay higher fares from January 2nd including:

Funding for London’s transport system has been cut by George Osborne and Boris Johnson by 21% or £2.1 billion. Boris Johnson said he was ‘pleased’ with this decision and called it ‘a good settlement’.

Orpington Labour Party Secretary Nigel de Gruchy said:

At a time of great financial uncertainty and pressure on family budgets, these Tory fare rises are completely unnecessary and will hit millions of Londoners in the pocket.

Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson and Conservative Chancellor George Osborne made a cut of 21% to London transport in October 2010. That’s £2.1 billion taken out of London’s transport budget and it’s Londoners who not Boris or George who will feel the pinch as fares rise yet again in January.

Ken Livingstone said:

Since Boris Johnson was elected bus, tube and tram fares have risen through the roof, with a single Oyster bus journey up a whopping 44%.

It’s completely unfair that Londoners are being forced to pay hundreds of pounds more a year for using public transport, because of cuts and wasteful spending of Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson and his Chancellor George Osborne.

It’s about time that Boris Johnson got a grip and put the interests of bus, tube and train users first.

Rather than unnecessary and unfair hikes in fares, I will always. I guarantee that in all circumstances, fares in the next Mayoral term will not be as high under me if I am elected, than they would be under a second Boris Johnson term.

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