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Orpington born Labour candidate Stephen Morgan launches 2010 General Election campaign

The Orpington Labour Party Candidate, Stephen Morgan, born and raised in Orpington, said on the announcement of the General Election for 6 May:

6 May 2010 is ‘D’ Day: Decision Day.

It’s a decision between Labour’s Gordon Brown who took the lead in rescuing the world from financial meltdown and mass unemployment on a 1930s’ scale and the Conservative’s David Cameron, who froze with fear, clueless on what to say and do to protect us from the brazen greed of his comrades in the money markets around the globe.

In Orpington it’s a decision between Labour who has provided the money for new schools and hospitals on a scale never seen before and the Conservatives who cannot conceal their appetite to cut public services and reward the rich with tax breaks.

In Orpington it’s also a choice between me as a local lad, born, raised and schooled in Orpington and currently a Councillor in Lambeth, and parachuted-in Jo Johnson, brother of Boris, keeping everything as usual in the typical Tory rich man’s family.

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