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Bromley to lose 14 Police Officers

Boris Johnson has axed 455 police officers across Greater London with 14 going from Bromley

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has axed 455 police officers across London in his budget. Tory Portfolio Holder in Bromley, Colin Bloom, was forced to admit that Bromley would lose 14 officers after being questioned by Labour councillors at a recent Bromley Council meeting.

This would be typical of what we would come to expect if the Tories were elected nationally. It was not that long ago when they were out on the streets of Bromley campaigning for more officers!

Stephen Morgan, Labour PPC for Orpington said “The Tories having been talking a lot recently but the reality is that they fail to deliver on their promises and their promises lack any real substance. Despite the rhetoric from David Cameron, they have not changed.” Neighbourhood policing introduced by former Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone has seen a dramatic reduction in crime as the police and public connect far more. Obviously there is more to do to reduce this further but crime doubled under the Tories.

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