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Bromley Tories reject council tax freeze

Labour’s plan for a zero increase in the council tax paid by Bromley residents was rejected by Bromley Tories.

Bromley Conservative’s are imposing a 0.94% increase in Council Tax from April 1st.  This includes a 1.24% increase in Bromley’s expenditure and a 0% in crease in the GLA precept.  

Labour councillors argued that at a time when some residents were facing financial insecurity, everything should be done to keep council tax rises as low as possible.  

Councillor John Getgood, Leader of the Labour opposition on Bromley Council, commented: 

There is no need for this increase this year.  The Labour government has given Bromley a 4% increase in overall funding – well above inflation. Bromley Tories are sitting on £45 million pounds worth of tax payers money that could have been used for one-off expenditure such as the cost of the election. Councillors’ allowances should also be reduced. The Tories have too many of their members on the payroll.  These measures would have done away with the need to increase council tax at all without cutting any services.

The Labour councillors warned that there were a number of areas, such a support for elderly people, that had suffered as a result of so called efficiency cuts. The council also needs to improve some services – provision of youth activities, regeneration of the poorer areas of the borough, clean and tidy streets and roads are all areas of regular complaint by local residents.

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