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Local candidate pays tribute to retiring MP

Labour’s candidate for Orpington at the next General Election, Stephen Morgan, has promised to be a strong voice for his community if elected to replace the current Tory MP at the next General Election.

Following the decision of the current MP, John Horam to retire at the next election, Steven Morgan paid tribute to the former Labour and Conservative MP.

Stephen said:

I want to pay tribute to John Horam for all the hard work he has done serving as the MP for Orpington over the years. Having been born and bred in Orpington I am well aware of the effort John has put into serving the people of Orpington, despite not agreeing with many of the decisions John has taken, I know he would has always done what he thought right for Orpington.

If elected, Stephen will be a strong voice for Orpington.

Stephen added:

Now that the people of Orpington have the opportunity to elect a new MP at the next election, I will be spending as much time as possible between now and the election out there knocking on doors, meeting as many constituents as possible. I’ll be reminding them of the achievements of the Labour government over the last twelve years, including the minimum wage, the investment we have made in local schools and in the NHS, and the measures we are now taking to secure Britain’s future.

But I also know we must do more to create more jobs, tackle youth unemployment, and to continue providing the world-class public services people depend on. Only a Labour government will ensure this will happen.

I want to be an MP who stands up for the people of the community where I grew up. I want to be an MP who acts on people’s concerns, who engages with the electorate, and who people can trust.

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