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BNP threaten to boycott local businesses

An article on the News Shopper website this week highlights the realities of the BNP.

The News Shopper has learnt that the far right British National Party is encouraging it’s supporters to ‘boycott’ local businesses that advertise in the News Shopper. This is following the paper running an article about a BNP councillor in Swanley St Mary’s.

The article concerned quoted several residents and councillors saying Councillor Golding had “done nothing” for the community since he was elected.

This is a fine example of who the BNP really are; they are trying to silence the media, and at the same time hurting local business who are already struggling in these tough economic conditions – when we should all be doing as much as we can to support local businesses.

The full article is available to read on the News Shopper web site.

Also to help beat the BNP visit www.labour.org.uk/beatingthebnp.

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