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Stand Up and Be Counted to Keep Out the BNP

There is a real danger that a low turn out in the European elections could allow the BNP to gain an MEP. Join the HOPE not hate campaign to prevent a fascist from representing Britain in the European Parliament.

This year the European elections are run on a voting system that allows parties with a small proportion of the vote to win seats. For example, in the North West, which returns 8 MEPs, the BNP might only need 8.5% of the vote to gain an MEP. And the easiest way to give the BNP the percentage they need is for the rest of us not to turn out to vote.

So this year, please support the HOPE not hate campaign, challenge the BNP’s attempts to paint themselves as a respectable democratic party and, above all, encourage everyone you know to get out and vote on Thursday 4 June.

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