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Orpington Labour Party Supports Gordon Brown

The Bromley Times recently reported that the Orpington Labour Party has avoided publicly backing Gordon Brown by refusing to form an opinion on whether there should be a leadership contest. In fact a recent meeting of Orpington Labour Party fully supported Gordon Brown’s leadership.

At its meeting on 18 September the Orpington Labour Party carried two motions. One deplored the attacks on Gordon Brown’s leadership whilst another declared:

"There was no evidence that a different leader would improve Labour’s chances of re-election … but there was ample proof that plotting against him would inflict further damage."

The meeting on 18 September declared that the major responsibility for the financial crisis lay not with the Labour Government but with right wing administrations as exemplified by the Conservatives in the 1980s and 90s whose deregulatory policies facilitated the grossly irresponsible practices of many financial institutions.

Specifically rejecting a leadership contest, Orpington Labour Party members called on Gordon Brown to reintroduce sensible controls over banks in order to curtail irresponsible lending and fraudulent commercial practices and to help re-establish sustainable economic growth.

Stephen Morgan, Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Orpington, added:

"I am all the more at a loss to understand why such a report should have been put about because at an earlier meeting on 28 May the Orpington Labour Party declined to endorse a statement made calling for Gordon Brown to resign after a vigorous debate in which the overwhelming majority opinion expressed was strongly against such a proposal."

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